Come and immerse yourself in the land of the BLACK DIAMOND

LOT is one of the finest terroir in France for Truffles.

On November 30, 2021 and until the end of March every Tuesday, find the Lalbenque truffle market and take advantage of the discovery day to learn more about our Black Diamond.

Many restaurants offer Truffle menus to discover the flavors of this gem.
Le Gindreau
Le Château de Hauteserre
The VIGOUROUX family is closely linked to the Lotois terroir, whether through wine but also truffles.
It is therefore with passion that she makes you discover the world of Truffles
Les Petits Producteurs
Flag bearer of the Lotois region, the Small Producers offer you their truffle offer.

Do not hesitate to tell us if you would like to enhance our Table d'Hôtes with Truffles.